Edward Qiu

Computer Science Student


Hello! I'm currently an undergraduate at University of California - Berkeley studying Computer Science.

I'm full-stack web developer transitioning into information security, particularly application security and penetration testing.

I've been glued to computers ever since I was young. My obsession started with playing MMORPGs and installing software and tweaking each setting available to see what each setting does. My household growing up had really slow internet; it made games really difficult to enjoy when the game played like a slide show. I remember downloading BackTrack, figuring out how to dual boot BackTrack with Windows XP (bad idea...) and watching Patchy's wireless hacking videos to try to crack my neighbors' wifi passwords, just so that I could finally enjoy some online games. It was nothing too impressive, just your run-of-the-mill script kiddie stuff.

During computer lab time in middle school, I wanted to play flash games, but the school had a web filter to block common flash game sites - like Miniclip, Armor Games, etc. I figured that I could download the flash files (.swf) at home and bring it to school on a USB to continue my gaming habit. It worked! Soon, my friends were asking me how I was able to play games on school computers and I made some cash selling USBs loaded with flash files to my buddies.

Just before I started high school, I picked up some Java and HTML/CSS out of curiosity and midway through my high school career, I found out that people would pay me to make websites, so I did that until my first year of university.

In December 2017, I had a chat with a close friend of mine who had just switched from Computer Engineering to Computer Security. I didn't know, or even consider, breaking systems was a viable career path. That brings us to today, a full-stack web developer trying to make application security and penetration testing my job - trying to carry my childhood adventures into adulthood.