Edward Qiu

Computer Science Student

recent projects

🚧 I love projects, so this page is always under construction! 🚧

Hacker Culture Logo
Hacker Culture

A podcast about the movements in cybersecurity and the people behind them.

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Trak Industries

Hacking for Defense Inc. Project
Accountable Inventory Management for United States Air Force

VisionCycle CAD

Big Ideas 2017-2018 Finalist
The House Student Projects Program Member

Adaptive and scalable approach to solving global waste misplacement and waste management issues using computer vision and machine learning

Visit Codeology website

Student club at UC Berkeley helping students prepare for technical interviews and explore the tech industry with a supportive community

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European Innovation Academy (EIA) Project
Automated matches between job seekers' preferences in companies and employeers' preferences in applicants. Think Tinder, but for jobs instead.